Loyal Canine Co Black Lightning Nose Balm

Product: Loyal Canine Co Black Lightning Nose Balm

Price: $19

Function/Purpose: All natural nose ointment will heal and moisturize that snout. Loyal Canine Co uses a blend of ingredients to help cracking, dryness and soreness, all while protecting that nose.

Fit: Small container to fit in your backpack, pocket or purse.

Quality: Designed and made in Canada.

Features: This can be also used on the water for windburn protection and in the sun as a natural sunscreen.

Likes: Love that it’s made of all natural ingredients. For my dogs, as the seasons change, it can effect their skin. As I have found with Cali with winter coming to an end and summer approaching her nose has become dry right at the edge of where her fur line is. A few times of using Black lightning Nose Balm and the dry line is gone. 

Dislikes: Have not found anything about this I dislike. 

Rating: 5 out of 5

Loyal Canine Co Lucky Pup Dog Soap

Product: Loyal Canine Co Lucky Pup Dog Soap

Price: $12.00CAD

Function/Purpose: Soap for cleaning dogs

Quality: 100% vegan

Features: Rope within the soap that loops around finger for easy washing. Blend of essential oils to prevent ticks and fleas. Relieve irritated skin.

Likes: I love this soap. It smells nice and after using it a number of times over the past several months there has been no irritation to Kona or Cali's skin. The rope for your finger is convenient and makes bathing the dogs really easy. 

Dislikes: There isn't anything I do not like about this product. 

Rating: 5 out of 5


Loyal Canine Co First Aid Ointment

Product: Loyal Canine Co First Aid Ointment

Price: $19

Function/Purpose: Being outside on the trails, in the bushes, and on the water this ointment is great for minor cuts, sores, burns, skin rashes and irritations, which we experience from time to time being in the great outdoors.

Fit: Small container to fit in your backpack, pocket or purse.

Quality: Designed and made in Canada.

Features: Ointment has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory ingredients and will help minimize scaring.

Likes: You’ll find it in our first aid kit! Cali somehow tore her ankle pad. I cleaned and applied the First Aid Ointment and it treated and healed her pad in no time. It also gave a soothing effect because prior to application it caused her discomfort for me to touch her pad, and once I was applying it, she didn't show any signs of discomfort. 

I have even use this on my own cuts and scraps. 

Cali recently was the victim in a little scarp and her eye was cut. It was cleaned and I applied the Loyal Canine Co First Aid Ointment. After 24 hours it was looking much better. 

Here is a before and after photo. Top photo is right after the first cleaning and the bottom is 24hrs after ointment had been applied. *Photo may be graphic for some*

Dislikes: There has been nothing I have disliked about this product. 

Rating: 5 out of 5

Loyal Canine Co No.1 Pawmade

Product: Loyal Canine Co No.1 Pawmade

Price: $19

Function/Purpose: When the pads crack it becomes sensitive and even sore. The trails we hit can be anything from gravel, dirt, grass, pavement, chips, you name it, and this Pawmade protects our paws from all the wear we put on them. Pawmade creates a barrier between the paws and the ground.

Fit: Small container to fit in your backpack, pocket or purse.

Quality: Designed and made in Canada.

Features: Small, sleek container. No gross odor. Natural ingredients. 

Likes: I like the Pawmade has no yucky smell. The smell it does have is light and nice. Dogs like it, which made it easy for me to apply. They didn't try and lick it off after application. In past years the dogs have had ripped pads after the first bike of the summer. Now that I've been apply Pawmade there were no ripped pads on our first bike to the river this year. 

Note: Apply Pawmade to the ankle pad as well. Cali somehow tore that pad. I've been applying Loyal Canine Co First Aid Healing Ointment. After only a few days I saw a rapid healing process. 

Dislikes: Have nothing about the product I dislike. There have been no negative reactions from using this product in our personal experience. 

Rating: 5 out of 5


Product: Petcube

Price: $199US

Function/Purpose: Every wonder what your dog does when you aren’t around? Well we do. Petcube is a camera that lets you watch and see what your pet is up to when you aren’t home.

Fit: It's small, and doesn't take much space from your side table, coffee table, window, or where ever is best for you to place. 

Quality: Good quality product. 

Features: Connect from your smartphone using the Petcube app. 2-way audio stream through built-in microphone and speakers with added motion and sound detection, notifying you on your smartphone.

Likes: I like being able to look at my phone and check in to see how the dogs are doing and what they are doing. 

Dislikes: Had some issues connecting when not in the home, but had help from wonderful staff. Great and fast customer service. Issue has now been resolved. 

Rating: 4 out of 5

ZUMI. Dual Lead Sport

Product: ZUMI. Dual Lead Sport

Price: $24.99US

Function/Purpose: Use it as a Snap Lead and attach to your dog’s collar, or maybe you want to sport your favourite bandana, you can use the leash as a Slip Lead.

Fit: Comes in 4ft and 6ft lengths

Quality: This 2 in one solid braid rope leash converts from a Snap Lead to a Slip Lead. Has leather accents and brass hardware.

Features: One of my favourite features in the brass hardware on the handle, perfect for clipping the snap and wearing it cross body when your dog’s letting loose.

Likes: This has been one of our go-to leashes. It can get wet, get dirty, we can clean it and Cali has helped out walking Kona, and the durable braid has held up strong to her grip.

Dislikes: I’d like to see matching collars for when you are wanting to use this leash more as a Snap Lead.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Wolfgang Man & Beast Leash and Collar

Product: Wolfgang Man & Beast Leash and Collars

Price: $22.95-$26.95US

Function/Purpose: Style and function for your dog.

Fit: Collars come in Small, Medium or Large. Leashes come in 5/8in width with 4ft length, 1in width with 4ft length or 1in width with 6ft length.

Quality: Collars and leashes are made of printed polyester webbing that is stitch-less with powder-coated die-casted zinc snaps.

Features: Wide range of fun patterns and colours.

Likes: We absolutely love these collars and leashes. With so many to choose from our dogs can be showing off their many moods and personality. I find these leashes the lightest weight of any other we’ve had.

Dislikes: There isn’t anything I dislike about Wolfgang leashes and collars.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Wolfpack Supply Climbing Rope Dog Leash

Product: Wolfpack Supply Climbing Rope Dog Leash

Price: $29US

Function/Purpose: Carabiner rope leash made to withstand the rough terrain of the backcountry.

Fit: Comes in 5ft and 10ft lengths.

Quality: Made from rock climbing rope and Metolius Bravo locking carabiner.

Features: Locking carabiner

Likes: There is no doubt these are strong, durable leashes, great for the outdoor adventures.

Dislikes: I do find these leashes slightly on the bulky side because the carabiner is so big and so are the knots. This being said, my dogs are on the smaller side, so if you have a larger breed dog I don’t think you’d feel the same.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Rex Specs

Product: Rex Specs

Price: $79.95US

Function/Purpose: Provide eye protection from the sun, dust, wind, and debris

Fit: One size fits most. I don’t know how much smaller of a dog from Cali would fit. Definitely for 30lb dogs and up.

Quality: Outstanding design and build. These specs are flexible, durable and tough.

Features: Removable lens that come in clear, smoke and rainbow. Frames come in a range of colours. Straps easily adjust to ensure a proper fit.

Likes: Call us crazy, but when we learned about Tuckerman and Yaz were diagnosed with eye conditions and Jesse and Aiden then decided to develop Rex Specs it opened our eyes to the protection that’s needed.

There have been countless times I’ve cringed as Kona and Cali dive right into thick brush and not knowing if this will be the time they get hit in the face by sharp branches. On those bright, sunny days, I see them squinty just like how we do from the sun, but now they can be at ease.

It is suggested you take the lens out and have your dog wear the frames alone to adjust for short periods of time. Then transition to the clear lens.

We had no problem getting them on, and making the adjustments to fit were quick and easy. We are still in the training process of getting the dogs comfortable wearing them for longer periods of time. Right now they are fine having them on for about 15 minutes at a time without trying to paw them off. Always make sure to give lots of praise and reward for the dog to associate this with wearing Rex Specs.

The dogs can swim, run and play with Rex Specs on. We spent the day at the river, Rex Specs on and they chased sticks in the water, would shake the water off and the Specs stayed on.

Dislikes: I have yet to find something I do not like.

Rating: 5 out of 5

West Paw Design Wox Dog Toy and Dash Dog Frisbee

Product: West Paw Design Wox Dog Toy and Dash Dog Frisbee

Price: $19.95US

Function/Purpose: Ideal tug, throw and interactive toy.

Fit: Zogolflex Air toys comes in a few different shapes, sizes and colours.

Quality: No worries of it breaking or splitting and it’s puncture resistant.

Features: Floats. These toys are dishwasher safe.

Likes: These are Kona and Cali’s favourite toys. They tug together, or take one for themselves to take off and play on their own.

It’s nice to be able to take these anywhere we go, including camping. They can get wet, they float, get dirty and wipe clean.

Dislikes: There isn’t one thing I don’t like about the Zogolflex series. I absolutely recommend this line of dog toys, even for those heavy chewers.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Six Tails Shop Crate Cover

Product: SixTails Shop Crate Covers


Price: $60-104US

Function/Purpose: Made to order crate covers. Crate covers give a den environment for a dogs comfort.

Fit: Custom to your crate.

Quality: 100% cotton home décor fabric made in the USA. Machine stitched using heavy duty industrial thread.

Features: Door panels double stitched and machine washable.

Likes: I like that this is made to order so it will properly fit your crate. The patterns to choose from are so cute. They fold down nice and small which is perfect as I pack this in my dog bag for agility so the dogs can have a more stress-free rest time between runs.

Dislikes: There isn’t anything I don’t dislike because this is so customized from the size to the choice of patterns.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Ruffwear Top Rope Collar

Product: Ruffwear Top Rope Collar

Price: $29.95US

Function/Purpose: Strong reflective ballasted

Fit: S-L. Kona and Cali both wear size S (14-20in), their neck size is roughly 16inches.

Quality: Sturdy webbing and weather resistant hardware.

Features: Talon buckle. Reflective throughout. V-ring for leash attachment with separate plastic ring for ID tag attachment.

Likes: Love how flat this collar is. Many can be bulky, but not this one.

Dislikes: A bit of a challenge to take off, seems to stick a bit, so you pinch the ends and have to wiggle it out.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Ruffwear Stackline Leash

Product: Ruffwear Stackline Leash

Price: $39.95US

Function/Purpose: Hands-free leash walking.

Fit: Fully adjustable to most any size waist. Length between you and the dog is adjustable – 6- 3.5ft.

Quality: 1 inch wide for durability. Strong, yet easy to use Talon clip. Padded in area around your waist or hand if using as a standard leash.

Features: Reflective lining through whole leash. Tough all weather clips.

Likes: This leash is a must have. Great to use when running with your dog to have hands free, or even just daily walks. Huge adjustability to easily cater to your preference.

Dislikes: No not have any dislikes.

Rating: 5 out of 5. For whatever your preference is this leash can meet it. 

Ruffwear Powder Hound

Product: Ruffwear Powder Hound

Price: $89.95US

Function/Purpose: Insulation jacket. A mix between the Quinzee and the Cloud Chaser.

Fit: Fits longer bodies and bottoms fabric is that of a spandex stretch, giving it room to fit bigger chested dogs. Available in sizes ranging from XXS-XL. Kona and Cali both wear a size S

Quality: Made of polyester and synthetic insulation technical materials making is weather resistant and breathable.

Features: Reflective strip down the sides. Light loop on the top. Name tag on the inside collar.

Likes: I like that this jacket has a nice fit to the body and more coverage than the Quinzee. After a day in the snow, the dogs were kept warm, dry and this coat had been water resistant. On one hike, Cali jumped into a river, we took the coat off and it dried quickly to my surprise.

Dislikes: For the purpose of this jacket I do not have any dislikes.

Rating: 4 out of 5. 

Ruffwear K9 Float Coat

Product: Ruffwear K9 Float Coat

Price: $79.95US

Function/Purpose: Lightweight, reflective lifejacket. Great for those you enjoy water activities with their dog such as boating, paddle boarding, kayaking and more. Also useful for dogs who are unsure of water and learning to get comfortable in water.

Fit: Lifejacket comes is sizes ranging from XXS-XL. Kona and Cali wear S. Adjustable neck circumference and chest straps.

Quality: Outer is abrasion-resistant materials making this a sturdy, long-lasting flotation device.

Features: Top handle. Adjustable neck closure. Light loop on top. Reflective strips.

Likes: This lifejacket has a great fit. You can see right away the quality and durability. Dogs were able to easily have good range of motion.

Dislikes: There isn’t anything I do not like about K9 Float coat. If there is one thing I would add is a pocket, just because it’s a feature on other brands of Canine PDFs.

Rating: 4 out of 5. 

Hurtta Ultimate Warmer

Product: Hurtta Ultimate Warmer

Price: $87.99US

Function/Purpose: Providing warmth in extreme cold conditions.

Fit:  10-35 inches (12sizes). Kona and Cali wear the 18in.

Quality: Laminated with Houndtex to create a waterproof outer.

Features: Waterproof, 3M reflectors, adjustable and small opening at the top for leash attachment.

Likes: The coverage on this coat is amazing. Covers majority of the dog, all that peaks out is the head, tail and feet. After a day on the ski hill the dogs were warm and dry! There is a draw-cord cinch on two parts of the neck. Adjustable straps and buckles attaching the cheat area to the body piece. Lastly there is a snap button at the hind legs to close the jacket around the tail. I usually button over the tail.

Dislikes: The only dislike is how bulky the jacket is, so a very minor dislike, nothing that I would think should turn someone away from this jacket.

Rating:  4 out of 5. The only reason I am giving this jacket 4 instead of 5 paws is because we just don’t use it as much as we do other jackets.