Ruffwear Quinzee

Product: Ruffwear Quinzee

Price: $79.95US

Function/Purpose: Lightweight insulation. Great for cold conditions providing warmth.

Fit: Vest style, fits long in length. Comes in sizes ranging from XXS-XL. Kona and Cali wear S. There is a small zipper at the neck opening for easy on-off.

Quality: Made from 200-gram synthetic insulation and polyester.

Features: Inside the jacket is a pocket the jacket stuffs inside of. 2 buckles on the sides for easy on-off. Reflective trim and light loop on the top. Inside the neck cuff is a name tag allowing you to write a name and phone number.

Likes: Lightweight and packable. Comes in great colours. Great for layering over the Ruffwear Climate Changer.

Dislikes: While out all afternoon in the snow the Quinzee became quite wet. This is a downfall when the Ruffwear Powder Hound stayed dry after being in the snow all afternoon. I would recommend this for cold but dry conditions.