Wolfgang Man & Beast Leash and Collar

Product: Wolfgang Man & Beast Leash and Collars

Price: $22.95-$26.95US

Function/Purpose: Style and function for your dog.

Fit: Collars come in Small, Medium or Large. Leashes come in 5/8in width with 4ft length, 1in width with 4ft length or 1in width with 6ft length.

Quality: Collars and leashes are made of printed polyester webbing that is stitch-less with powder-coated die-casted zinc snaps.

Features: Wide range of fun patterns and colours.

Likes: We absolutely love these collars and leashes. With so many to choose from our dogs can be showing off their many moods and personality. I find these leashes the lightest weight of any other we’ve had.

Dislikes: There isn’t anything I dislike about Wolfgang leashes and collars.

Rating: 5 out of 5