Ruffwear Stackline Leash

Product: Ruffwear Stackline Leash

Price: $39.95US

Function/Purpose: Hands-free leash walking.

Fit: Fully adjustable to most any size waist. Length between you and the dog is adjustable – 6- 3.5ft.

Quality: 1 inch wide for durability. Strong, yet easy to use Talon clip. Padded in area around your waist or hand if using as a standard leash.

Features: Reflective lining through whole leash. Tough all weather clips.

Likes: This leash is a must have. Great to use when running with your dog to have hands free, or even just daily walks. Huge adjustability to easily cater to your preference.

Dislikes: No not have any dislikes.

Rating: 5 out of 5. For whatever your preference is this leash can meet it.