Six Tails Shop Crate Cover

Product: SixTails Shop Crate Covers

Price: $60-104US

Function/Purpose: Made to order crate covers. Crate covers give a den environment for a dogs comfort.

Fit: Custom to your crate.

Quality: 100% cotton home décor fabric made in the USA. Machine stitched using heavy duty industrial thread.

Features: Door panels double stitched and machine washable.

Likes: I like that this is made to order so it will properly fit your crate. The patterns to choose from are so cute. They fold down nice and small which is perfect as I pack this in my dog bag for agility so the dogs can have a more stress-free rest time between runs.

Dislikes: There isn’t anything I don’t dislike because this is so customized from the size to the choice of patterns.

Rating: 5 out of 5