Rex Specs

Product: Rex Specs

Price: $79.95US

Function/Purpose: Provide eye protection from the sun, dust, wind, and debris

Fit: One size fits most. I don’t know how much smaller of a dog from Cali would fit. Definitely for 30lb dogs and up.

Quality: Outstanding design and build. These specs are flexible, durable and tough.

Features: Removable lens that come in clear, smoke and rainbow. Frames come in a range of colours. Straps easily adjust to ensure a proper fit.

Likes: Call us crazy, but when we learned about Tuckerman and Yaz were diagnosed with eye conditions and Jesse and Aiden then decided to develop Rex Specs it opened our eyes to the protection that’s needed.

There have been countless times I’ve cringed as Kona and Cali dive right into thick brush and not knowing if this will be the time they get hit in the face by sharp branches. On those bright, sunny days, I see them squinty just like how we do from the sun, but now they can be at ease.

It is suggested you take the lens out and have your dog wear the frames alone to adjust for short periods of time. Then transition to the clear lens.

We had no problem getting them on, and making the adjustments to fit were quick and easy. We are still in the training process of getting the dogs comfortable wearing them for longer periods of time. Right now they are fine having them on for about 15 minutes at a time without trying to paw them off. Always make sure to give lots of praise and reward for the dog to associate this with wearing Rex Specs.

The dogs can swim, run and play with Rex Specs on. We spent the day at the river, Rex Specs on and they chased sticks in the water, would shake the water off and the Specs stayed on.

Dislikes: I have yet to find something I do not like.

Rating: 5 out of 5