Loyal Canine Co Black Lightning Nose Balm

Product: Loyal Canine Co Black Lightning Nose Balm

Price: $19

Function/Purpose: All natural nose ointment will heal and moisturize that snout. Loyal Canine Co uses a blend of ingredients to help cracking, dryness and soreness, all while protecting that nose.

Fit: Small container to fit in your backpack, pocket or purse.

Quality: Designed and made in Canada.

Features: This can be also used on the water for windburn protection and in the sun as a natural sunscreen.

Likes: Love that it’s made of all natural ingredients. For my dogs, as the seasons change, it can effect their skin. As I have found with Cali with winter coming to an end and summer approaching her nose has become dry right at the edge of where her fur line is. A few times of using Black lightning Nose Balm and the dry line is gone. 

Dislikes: Have not found anything about this I dislike. 

Rating: 5 out of 5