Dog Den

It has always been very important to me that my dogs be crate trained. This is for many reasons including, safe travel in either car or plane, when staying at someone else’s home while I’ve had to be away, and a place for them to sleep. Their crates are to replicate a den setting, a space they have to go to feel safe and comfortable.

Kona and Cali each have three different types of crates. At home they have wire crates with crate covers that they sleep in at night. Plastic kennels are in the back of the car for when we take them anywhere. Soft crates which are folded down, kept in the car, used for agility or for travel.

Both love their crates and I play crate games with them to make them know the crate is a fun and safe place to be.

Product: KONG Space Saving Double Door Pet Crate

Price: $119.99

Function/Purpose: Space saving crate to provide a safe den area for your dog.

Fit: 31”L x 21.75” x 23.75”H. Our dogs are 30lbs and this is a perfect size for them.

Quality: Made from metal. Good quality. Have had ours for nearly 2 years.

Features: Latching hooks so your pet is secure within and cannot escape. Heavy-duty gauge wires for strength. Safety stop to protect paws during crate closure. Includes a detachable handle.

Likes: I like that the doors open up versus swing open. This is nice so that it doesn’t knock into the wall, or the dog can’t shut the door.

Dislikes: I find it a bit of a struggle to take the crate down to transport, but it’s not a deal breaker because this crate sits in the house as their space.

Rating:  5 out of 5. Great for the home. 

Product: Petmate Compass Dog Carrier (we have the older version). Ours currently are on the smaller size and I would suggest going up a size. These fit perfect in the back of the Ford Escape we had. A bigger size and the back seats would have had to be folded down.

Price: $68.99CAD

Function/Purpose: Indoor and outdoor use for pets. We have these crate in the back of the truck for when we go anywhere with the dogs.

Fit: 28”L x 20”W x 19.2”H. Our dogs are roughly 30lbs and I would suggest going up a size from this one.

Quality: Lightweight, sturdy plastic. Wire windows and door.

Features: Door can be assembled to be a right or left opening door.

Likes: Inexpensive durable enough for having in the vehicle for travelling safely.

Dislikes: While you can take these down, they are not very compact, which is not what it’s really meant for.

Rating:  4 out of 5. This I recommend for vehicles. Inside I have Soggy Dog mats that absorb water and are super easy to clean. With Kona it is important to have her in a kennel when in the car because she gets anxiously excited and would otherwise profusely lick the window. I find having them in kennels is my safest option because if something were to happen like a car accident, I want them safe during and after. If emergency crews were to arrive and have to remove the dogs from the car, I want them to be able to just remove them in their kennels, keeping them safe from escaping in fear and even biting someone in fear. I am also having stickers made up to be placed on these kennels with their Names, Emergency contacts and a short blurb stating to keep them in their kennels in an emergency.

Product: NOZ2NOZ Soft Crate

Price: $99.99US

Function/Purpose: Indoor and outdoor use for pets. I use mine for agility and travel.

Fit: 30”L x 21”W x 23”H. Our dogs are 30lbs and this crate is a perfect size for them.

Quality: Heavy-duty tight weave mesh fabric with steel frame.

Features: Ventilated for indoor and outdoor use. Rounded corners for property protections. 1 front mesh door, 1 mesh side door and top zip.

Likes: I like how easy this crate is to fold down and assemble. I take it to agility every week. It’s super lightweight.  

Dislikes: An added feature that would have been favoured is a fold over flap for the mesh door and side so that I wouldn’t need a crate cover for agility classes.

Rating: 4 out of 5. Great for classes and travel, easy to fold down and take on vacations. 

Here is a quick video of all three crates.

*I apologize for Kona squeaking her toy and not talking loud enough. For the first Petmate kennel what you can’t hear me saying is that the door can be placed to be a right of left opening door when you assemble*