Ruffwear Palisades Pack

Product: Ruffwear Palisades Pack

Price: $149.95

Function/Purpose: Full-day hiking to multi-day backpacking. Items carried in the pack are usually water. Gradually prepare your dog for carry a weighted pack. Start with just a harness or empty pack and slow add weight, no more than 25% of your dog’s body weight.

Fit: Available in 3 adjustable sizes S-L/XL (10L – 19L). Both Kona and Cali wear size S (10L) – 22-27 inches around the chest.

Quality: Made of lightweight material. Packs are worn frequently and over a duration of two months the bottom of the packs show quite a bit of wear. To avoid this I suggest using a Hi/Dry cover in order for your pack to last longer and avoid holes and rips. Zippers are of strong, sturdy quality.

Features: The Palisades pack detaches from a harness, making this a 2-in-1 product. Two pockets on each side, one large main compartment and one small per side. V-ring for leash attachment at the top. Padded straps and handle for comfort and lifting. Reflective trim for low light visibility. A fancy feature is the load compression system to secure what you’ve packed. Comes with two collapsible water bottles. Each pack comes with two collapsible water bottles that each have a 1L capacity.

Likes: I love this pack detaches from the harness. Very practical for those who do a lot of backpacking.

Dislikes: I really don’t like this pack does not come in a smaller size. While Cali can wear size S, the pack is just too big and ends up hanging really low on one side, nearly touching the ground. No matter what I put in the pack and do equally loads on each side, I am unable to stop the pack from pulling and hanging low on one side.  

Rating:  3.5 out of 5. While this pack is very practical for frequent backpackers, and detaches from the harness making it a 2-in-1, you are only saving $10 over buying the Approach Pack and Web Master Harness. If you have a larger dog over 35lbs that can nicely fit this pack, then I do suggest it, as the detachable feature is extremely favourable. If you have dogs under 35lbs like I do, you are much better off purchasing the Approach Pack and Web Master Harness.