Ruffwear Web Master Harness

Product: Ruffwear Web Master

Price: $59.95US

Function/Purpose: Multi-use harness. Great for dog walks, hikes, camping, you name it. A great substitute for collars. More comfortable for the dogs.

Fit: Comes in sizes ranging XXS-L/XL. Kona wears size S and Cali size XS.

Quality: Light weight, sturdy construction. Have had mine for up to two years, worn multiple times a week, on hikes, backpacking trips, camping trips and still in good condition.

Features: Reflect trim for low light visibility. Padded handle, great for help you dog over and up anything standing in your way on the trails. Buckles for easy on-off.

Likes: If there is one single piece of dog gear I would recommend to anyone, this is it! Great for outdoor adventures, city walks, training, you name it.

Dislikes: There is nothing I do not like. If I were to add anything to this harness it would be the pockets the Pro has, but then you have the Pro for that added feature.  

Rating:  5 out of 5.  This is my go-to dog gear. My dogs wear this harness on most hikes and every new hike. You never know what may come your way and being able to grab your dog easily by the handle to either get them out of an unlikely and possibly dangerous situation or help them up or over things on the trail, you can just never go wrong with this item.  My dog was charged by another dog and in a scuffle, I was able to just grab the handle and pull her out and to safety.