These boots were purchased because Cali had a paw injury that I wanted to keep clean during walks. Of course I bought a set for Kona and Cali.
Cali got size XXS and Kona has size XS.

The XXS fits Cali’s paws perfect. She wore them on a hike and overall they stayed on for the majority of the hike, there were a couple times where one fell off. She walked through puddles and a stream and they surprisingly stayed dry inside, which I still can’t understand.

The negative I’d have to say is that the Velcro strap around the ankle is not long enough to keep a good hold together in order to stay on for longer durations. This also caused me issues trying to re-velcro the boots back on after falling off because there would be dirt in the exposed part of the Velcro. I had Cali wear the size XS and that one was better that the Velcro strap was longer and in turn had a stronger hold, the only problem with the larger boot size was it was a bit large for Cali’s paw causing her to be somewhat uncomfortable in them.

I give these boots a 3.5 out of 5 based on how long they did stay on during outdoor activities. The pros outweighed the cons. You will also see from the header photo these boots are highly reflective which is a great safety feature. I also liked these boots better than other brands I had tried given that other brands fell off within 5 minutes of testing them out in the house.