Hurtta Raincoat

Product: Hurtta Raincoat

Price: $52.11US

Function/Purpose: Rain jacket for rain and wind.

Fit: 10-35 inches (12sizes). Kona and Cali wear the 18 in.

Quality: High-performance outdoor fabric. Laminated with Houndtex.

Features: Waterproof. Adjustable fit around neck and waist. 3M reflectors. Designed to cover major muscle groups and abdominal area.

Likes: The design of this coat is very sleek with a forward way of thinking to creating a coat. Just by feeling the coat you can right away see how lightweight and breathable it is.

Dislikes: There are two stretch straps on each side at the end of the jacket to loop around your dog’s back legs to help keep the jacket on in place. While in theory this seems like a great idea, it looks super uncomfortable for the dog. Without using these, the jacket does not stay on in place for those highly active dogs.

Rating:  2 out of 5. I do not recommend this jacket, for the price you’re better off getting something else with less hassle worrying about the jacket staying on right. With Cali she runs around so much on hikes that the jacket just hung to one side. When Kona was wearing it one of the hind leg loops got snagged on a branch and Kona pulled to free herself and it ripped. If you have a slow going dog, this jacket will most likely be good for you, as my cousins more elderly dogs have no issues with how the jacket sits nor performs.