Back On Track Mesh Rug

I was seeing the Back on Track brand when I was at agility trials. I was curious, wondering how could this possibly help? With nothing to lose, I gave it a try. First, I used the Back on Track Rug for Cali. I followed the directions for use. For weeks, she would wear it before runs, in between runs, and after runs. She wasn’t looking stiff, sore, or weak. Still not knowing for sure how this would help her, I started using the Back on Track Back Brace for myself after my hikes, after trials, even during long car rides. The relief I got from it was incredible. I’m not one for medications, so to find something like this was most ideal. Being able to feel the difference when I used the back brace, I am confident, my dogs feel the same relief from any potential sore and stiffness from their long hikes, runs, or long weekends of trials. 

To read more about how the products work and see the line of products, check out the Back on Track Canada website.