Wilderdog Sleeping Bag

Product: WilderDog Sleeping Bag

Price: $49US

Function/Purpose: Sleeping bag for dogs when camping, or an extra bed at home.

Fit: Measures 36" x 28" laid out flat, and 16" x 10" in the stuff sack, and weights 29 oz.

Quality: Made from rip stop fabric.

Features: Has a zipper that goes 3/4 around the bag allowing to have zip closed for added earth to your dog or unzipped creating double the space for your dog to lay on. 

Likes: Cali immediately took to this bed. It's plush making it a nice comparison to a luxury bed. While camping, as soon as it was bed time, she went in the tent and straight to this sleeping bag, where she stayed the entire night. 

Dislikes: I highly recommend the Wilderdog Sleeping Bag for car camping trips. Unfortunately, it does not pack down small enough for us to be able to take backpacking.  

Rating: 4 out of 5 Simply because we wouldn't be able to take this backpacking. Aside for that, Cali has shown how much she loves this bed, meaning this is a great product!