Back on Track Travel Mattress

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I have two Back on Track Dog Travel Mattresses, size small (19”x24”) and medium (31”x39”). The small fits great inside their Gunner Kennels (Medium and Intermediate). Packs down into a stuff sack, making it great for travel. Recently, I got the medium mattress. I have been using this in Kona’s crate that she sleeps in at night.

She has been suffering from a shoulder injury, and it’s been a process trying to manage and heal. When I use the Back on Track Mesh Rug, I can see a noticeable difference. She will occasionally sleep in it at night and you can see a difference in the morning from the nights she wears it to the nights she doesn’t. However, some nights it’s quite hot during these summer months and I don’t want her uncomfortably warm. To prevent this while still helping her find relief, I have put the Dog Travel Mattress in her sleeping crate. It provides extra cushion and the same muscle and joint relief from the Welltex science. Using these products in addition to natural supplements to her raw diet, such as Goat Milk and Bone Broth, along with monitored and controlled exercise I have seen significant improvement in her shoulder issue. 

To date (September 2018), and using the Back on Track products consistently over the summer, Kona has had no signs of a limp or discomfort for going on 3 weeks now.

The photos below show a comparison of the small and medium BoT Travel Mattress with Kona and Cali, plus a photo with them packed down in their stuff sacks and next to a water bottle to give you an idea of size. Then I tried to best show how the small BoT Travel Mattress fits perfectly in the medium Gunner Kennel. I also wanted to show what the small Mat looks like in the Intermediate kennel. The last photo is to show the medium BoT Travel Mattress in the Intermediate Gunner Kennel. You can see the Mat is much larger, and curls up the sides of the kennel. That Kona is a smaller dog she still has room, and it only provides her more cushion.