Hurtta Torrent Coat

Product: Hurtta Torrent Coat

Price: $75.00US

Function/Purpose: Rain and wind protection with maximum coverage and freedom of movement.

Fit: Lots of coverage, long length fitting slim around the body with a wide range of adjustment.

Quality: Made from outdoor fabric.

Features: Adjustable strap around the waist. High collar. Tail loop snap. Back leg loops.

Likes: I love how sleek and fancy this raincoat looks. Best part for me is it fits the length of the dogs and covers lots of the back end, chest and shoulders. 

Dislikes: While the jacket looks cool, the function and purpose are lacking. There was an older model of this coat that I had some issues with. The updated version was no different. We get a lot of rain on the coast and I have found the underside of the coat tends to get a bit damp after being in heavy rain. The inside of the coat is a mesh fabric and I have found it holds onto odour. Unfortunately, one of the coats ripped within minutes of the dog running off the trail.

Rating: 2 out of 5