Hurtta Slush Combat Suit

Product: Hurtta Slush Combat Suit

Price: $88.00US

Function/Purpose: To protect dogs fur from environmental debris such as rain and mud, also including road debris, such as salt. 

Fit: Full body suit, fitting semi-loose

Quality: Made from outdoor durable fabric. 

Features: Drawcord to cinch suit closer to the dog for a more snug fit and block out wind. Two adjustable snaps around the cuffs to provide a more custom fit around the legs.

Likes: The full coverage to seep dogs dry and mostly mud free. 

Dislikes: I do not recommend this suit in deep snow. First day of snow shoeing, the dogs wore their Slush Suit, everything was great. We were on somewhat groomed trails. Next day wearing them, we made our own trails in deep snow, the dogs kept getting their legs out of the back sleeves and Cali even ripped her jacket. Think this would be better suited for dogs in the city on pavement walks, not for the ruggedly active dogs. 

Rating: 2 out of 5