Ruffwear Commuter Pack

Product: Ruffwear Commuter Pack

Price: $99.95US

Function/Purpose: Backpack for dogs.

Fit: Comes in 4 sizes, XS to L/XL

Quality: High quality packs that withstand tough trail use. 

Features: Large and small zipper compartments on either side. Padded, adjustable straps on the chest and stomach. The harness style of this pack is that of the Front Range Harness. Inside the main compartment are small mesh pockets. There is a top handle, leash attachment, plus additional attachment, which I clip a bear bell to. 

Likes: This pack has a different appearance than the others with a more box-like shape. The capacity is less than the Approach, however, I found it holds all the same essentials we take out with us, whether hiking for a couple hours or a multi-day backpacking. One thing I really like about this pack, is the front clip for the leash, making it easier with a dog that prefers to pull. 

Dislikes: Like other packs, I would like to see a waterproof pack with all the rain we get. 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5