Washington - Rattlesnake Ledge

Tails: 2

Region: North Bend

Location: Snoqualmie

Parking: Free in parking lot

Time/Distance: 4 miles round trip, roughly an hour to the top

Walk/Hike/Backpack: Hike

While on our trip through Washington, we stopped to hike Rattlesnake Ledge. The hike was uphill switchbacks the entire way up. I would suggest this hike if you can go off-season during the middle of the week. Seeing how we went on a weekend during the summer it was crazy. I’ve never seen so many people on one trail. We would get stuck behind people going slower than we wanted to be going. At the top there are gorgeous views. It was very busy at the top and crowded with people making it slightly difficult to enjoy the views. I will also throw a word of caution, if you are taking a dog(s) and want off leash photos at the top, I’d advise doing that when others are around, because with large crowds comes stupid people who don’t think. When we were up there getting our photo, one person threw grapes over the edge. Thankfully my dogs are obedient enough to know to stay versus leaping off the edge for those grapes. While there are signs that state your dog can be off leash if under control, there were people on the trail not happy to see our dogs off leash. The only two people who spoke of their issue with this were people who had dogs that had to be off leash.