Gunner Kennels

Product: Gunner Kennels - G1 Intermediate

Price: $499.99

Function/Purpose: Multi-purpose. Vehicle safety. Anxiety relief. Sports. 

Fit: I can fit 2 G1 Intermediates side by side in the bed of my truck. I can fit 1 in the back seat of my truck. 

Description: Double-wall rotomolded dog crate. This kennel has been tested to withstand over 4,000 lb. of force, a 12-gauge shotgun at 7 steps, a 200+ foot cliff drop, and 630 lb. dropped from 8’4” – and earned the industry's very first Center For Pet Safety "5 Star Crash Test Rating" certification. - Gunner Kennels

This gives me the peace of mind that when riding in the truck they are safe in the event of an accident, because no matter how safe of a driver you are, you never know about the others on the road. 

Features: Top features include the double-wall construction which protects against UV rays, humidity, and chill. Crate has water-repelling windows, elevated feet, escape-proof door, drainage system and stainless steel hardware. 

During an agility match Cali was laying comfortable inside while outside was a warm and sunny.

Door has lock notches on the top and bottom, as well as, a key to lock at the door handle. 

The drainage system is one of my favourite features. Makes washing this crate so easy. See video here. 

Likes: Where to start. I am obsessed with these crates. Making sure my dogs are safe if the most important thing on my mind and knowing I can feel assured that in case we were in a car accident they have the best chance of not only surviving but coming out with little to no harm or injuries. 

Something I hated about past crates I've had are parts falling off, breaking off, and being hard to clean. Gunner Kennels are built tough. There aren't many pieces, just 3 main pieces and some bolts to hold the top, bottom and door together. Yes, you need tools in order to get everything on tight, but that beats the hand screw on's on the cheap crate you get from chain pet shops. 

Not having a ton of free time for things like cleaning kennels, these kennels have a drain plus at the back. Unscrew the plug, use a soapy mop and hose it out. Done! As noted above, see video here. 

Dislikes: The closest thing to dislike would be the weight of the kennel. It is on the heavy side. The only reason why this doesn't bother me is because I know it's because the main focus on these kennel is safety and I'm more than ok with that. I put this here in dislikes because I can see this being something others may not like. If you are the type to use the kennels for activities like travel or 4x4ing, you won't mind this. 

Other: Something I do when going to agility, locally, is put the kennel onto a cart to wheel into the barn along with my gear bag. 

Rating: 5 out of 5