For over 6 months now the dogs have been eating NatuRAWls. We pick up our boxes of NatuRAWls from Growlies for Pets.

Our NatuRAWls feeding routine goes as follows. In the morning I feed 1/2 pound to Kona and Cali and 1 pound to Ruger. These are frozen.

In the evening, I feed the same only it has been thawed out and I feed the food in Outward Hound Slo Feed Bowls. Evening meals is when I usually add some extras like TRI-ACTA joint and mobility supplement and Baie Run Omega 3 oil. Randomly, I will add goat milk, bone broth, and even a chicken egg with shell. A kind of all in one supplement I also really like is Raw Feeding Victoria’s GreenSea+ Daily Supplement.

Every few nights I will swap this out with a raw meaty bone. Great for cleaning their teeth. Their favourite is whole lamb necks.