Camping Raw Options

Bixbi Rawbble

On a daily basis when we're at home the dogs eat raw. Given we go camping quite a bit we can't always bring raw food with us. If we go truck camping and will only be gone a night or two, I pack a cooler with their food that I've prepped prior to leaving and portioned out their food in containers so I don't have to do any cleaning of bowls. Now if we go on longer trips or backpacking we feed an alternative. There have been a few different raw alternative brands we have tried that have been alright, nothing that we've really disliked, but also nothing we've loved either. Some examples of things we haven't loved are, too many ingredients, unnecessary additives, some being too sloppy and messy, and one resulting in the dogs burping a lot after eating. 

For the last handful of camping trips we have been taking Bixbi Rawbble and have been very happy with it. Rawbble is freeze-dried. Not only have I used it for feeding the dogs while camping, but also as treats when I am training. Since using Rawbble there have been no negative effects on the dogs. They have had the Fish, Beef, and Duck Recipes.

When camping I feed about 2 cups per dog, per meal. Always when camping they will get more food than usual because of the energy burned during any given trip. 

Remember when handling Rawbble, raw alternative or raw food to wash your hands, and bowls after each feeding. 

We always stay away from any food, including treats that contains animal meal. If any ingredient listed on the bag has any kind of animal meal, I do not buy, nor feed it to the dogs. 

Bixbi Rawbble will be something I will continue to give the dogs when camping. 

In addition to food the dogs have tried for raw alternatives when camping has been LifeFORCE. Everyone likes to have choices. This is another option to feed your dogs. 


LifeFORCE is air-dried dog food. So far I have fed the dogs their Raw Lamb and Squash and they loved it. How this food works is you add water to the food to hydrate. The package says to mix equal parts LifeFORCE and cold water. Stir well and hydrate for 15 minutes. Serve or store in refrigerator. Now obviously when camping we wouldn't be storing this in the fridge. First time I prepared this for the dogs, I waited 15 minutes. There appeared to be no change to the food absorbing the water. I gave it to the dogs and they ate the food and drank up the water mixed with it. The times I have used LifeFORCE when camping, I have added more water than directed on the package to ensure the dogs are getting enough water. It ends up looking like a soup with food chunks. This doesn't bother me and it sure doesn't bother the dogs. Based on the guide on the back of the package Kona and Cali are recommended 1/2 cup. That they eat this when camping and backpacking I feed them up to a cup each because they have burned a lot of energy on such trips.

Always make sure you have plenty of fresh water available to your dogs. 

LifeFORCE is made in Canada and uses ingredients you can read and understand. 

This is another great raw alternative I will be happy to continue to feed my dogs on camping trips.