Training Using Rex Specs

I wanted to show everyone how I started off adjusting the dogs to wearing Rex Specs. Below are two videos. First video is how I trained the dogs. Second video is them using the Rex Specs. 

Quick notes:

1. Starts off with no lens in the Specs. 

2. When adding a lens in, start with the clear lens. Once comfortable with the clear, then add one of the other mirrored lenses. 

3. Remember to take your time with building up the duration of your dog wearing Rex Specs. There is no rush and you want to make sure your dog is comfortable wearing them. All dogs learn at different paces. Some will be fine with them almost instantly, while others may take several days or weeks to become comfortable with them. 

Here in video 1, I demonstrate how I build up to Cali wearing the Specs. 

Now in video 2, you can see the dogs in action wearing the Specs.