Oregon Adventures

At the end of February we made the trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon for an instameet with some pretty cool dogs, and their humans.

Day 1: Our first stop was Multnomah Falls.

We did the trek a little over a mile up to the top view platform. At the top Kona was frightened of the edge…too high up for her. Cali on the other hand was curious and had to take a look for herself and see what the fuss was about.

Day 2: Instameet!

Cannon Beach was the most beautiful spot to have this meet. Luck was on our side, the storm clouds cleared and the weekend was all sun and blue skies. It was so great to meet such a large group of people and to have bonded over our dogs, was something really special. I was so impressed with how well behaved, playful and smart all the dogs were. It’s funny how social media can bring strangers together when without that our paths may never have been crossed. A big thank you to Chandra and Tara for inviting us! We can’t wait to see you lovely ladies and beautiful pups again.

Day 3: Dogs Allowed Cannon Beach – this is a fantastic store.

We had the pleasure of meeting Jen and Adam, two super cool people who were running the store while the owners were away. I can’t say enough good things. Dogs Allowed has great, solid products. Never have I been to a pet store that had all my favourite high quality products all in one place. The Ruffwear collection to choose from was AMAZING! Jen and Adam were so great, and they allowed me to do a mini photo shoot of Kona and Cali in front of the Ruffwear wall of products. Thank you Jen and Adam!

Day 3-4: Seattle.

Upon arrival I was not too happy. We checked into our hotel and I was stunned to learn that they could give me no information about pet friendly areas to take the dogs to the bathroom. The answer was on the sidewalk, which was all pavement. Here I was thinking it would be like home, with grass somewhere, even just a little bit. Once looking on Google maps we saw there was a green space 4 blocks from the hotel. Sure enough the green space was an actual fenced dog park, but with no grass. The grass was actually on the outskirt of the fence between the park and the freeway. It’s nice to see that there is at least somewhere fenced people in the heart of the city can go to take their dogs for a play with others and be off leash. Once we adjusted to this, it wasn’t that bad. Makes me feel lucky where I live and all the grass, forests and mountains that I’m surrounded by. The positive was the training and practice the dogs had in a city setting. Being in the hotel, the elevator, crossing the streets, crowds of people, and even passing by other dogs. I couldn’t be more proud of how well my dogs adjust to a changing environment.

I’d like to add we didn’t do much exploring of Seattle, as we were just downtown for the night to break up the trip back home. From some wonderful instagram friends I learned of some go-to dog friendly spaces, that if we were to return I would make the time to go check out.

In the morning before heading back home we walked to the Pike Market. Bought some calming cookies from a vender, Adventure Days Dog Treats who also made recycled climbing rope leashes which was neat to see, as I buy rope leashes from Land Shark Leash, local to where I live. We then stopped at Gourmet Sliders Food Truck where the people working gave the dog’s bacon strips. That sure made the dogs happy! It was a great way to end the trip and leave with a good experience of being in a city.

We can’t wait to go back and see everyone again!