South Island - Gowlland Tod (Jocelyn Hill)

Tails: 1-2

Region: South Island

Location: Caleb Pike Rd, Highlands

Parking: Free parking in lot (Gates close at night)

Time/Distance: Up to 3 hours, round trip

Walk/Hike/Backpack: Hike

At trailhead you can go straight up a slight hill or right down a trail. Going straight will be the Roundtree Loop. For Jocelyn Hill take the trail off to the right, shortly in the trail will continue straight or head off to the right. Take the right. This will take you to Jocelyn Hill. Along the way there will be lookouts with outstanding views of Finlayson Arm. It’s tricky to know when you are exactly at Jocelyn Hill as the trail will keep going and can take you to McKenzie Bight which is heading towards the Saanich Inlet side.