South Island - East Sooke - Cabin Point Loop

Tails: 2

Region: South Island

Location: Aylard Farms, East Sooke

Parking: Parking lot at Aylard Farms

Time/Distance: 11km, 4 hours

Walk/Hike/Backpack: Hike

Dogs: Keep your dog under control and on the trail. From June 1 to September 15, dogs must be on a leash when passing through beach and picnic areas and are not allowed to stay.   

Take the trail that is at the entrance of the parking lot. Follow the Cabin point trail signs. I took the Interior trail route to Cabin Point versus the Coast Trail route to Cabin Point. I took the Coast Trail back to the parking lot from Cabin Point. 

South Island - East Sooke Park - Interior Trail

Tails: 1

Region: South Island

Location: East Sooke Road

Parking: Parking lot, Anderson Cove

Time/Distance: 8km, 3 hours

Walk/Hike/Backpack: Hike

From the Anderson Cove parking lot head on the trail, when you get to the first set of markers go right towards Mt.Maguire, then you'll hit another set of markers that will direct you to interior trail. You'll hit another set of markers, and make a left, shortly after you'll hit markers that will direct you to Anderson Cover taking you back to the parking lot.