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 As many know I do pretty much everything with my dogs. When it comes to stand up paddle boarding, it’s no different. Now that Ruger is full grown, taking all 3 became a challenge because of all our weight combined.

Luckily, we started using the Thurso Surf Max SUP. This board has been a game changer for so many reasons.

First and foremost it has a weight capacity of 370lbs, so having myself and 3 dogs is no problem. It sits high enough off the water that if you need to sit you aren’t sitting in water. The board as a full traction pad, end to end, so the dogs have good grip and won’t slip and being 11’6” there is plenty of room for all of us.

A feature I really like is the velcro straps on the side of the board to strap in your paddle when you want to take a break, or transporting the board.

This board is an inflatable and comes with a rolling backpack, pump, leash, paddle, fins and repair kit. In total all of that weighs about 50lbs, but when just using the board and paddle it’s only about 30lbs. Inflating the board with the pump took 10-15 mintues.



Prior to going out on a paddle board with your dog, there are some training steps I take with dogs to ensure they are comfortable and safe for paddle boarding. Below is a video I have taken to show you those steps.

For those interested in getting your own Thurso Surf board follow the links below.

If you are in Canada, click here!

If you are in the United States, click here!

Additional Gear:

My dogs wear life jackets when on the board. This is so that if they do fall off or even jump off they can feel the extra security of floatation. Even better, is that I have a handle on the life jacket to lift them easily back onto the board. We use Ruffwear’s Float Coat. Kona and Cali wear a size small. Ruger wears a size medium.

I also like to have them wear Rex Specs Dog Goggles. The reason is because just like us, the sun rays can be damaging to your dogs eyes. On the water that reflection can magnify it. Kona and Cali wear size medium. Ruger wears a large.