What about the humans!

It's always all about the dogs, but what about us, who take care of the dogs?! I want to share two of my favourite brands...

Camping with Dogs

Camping with Dogs has formed an incredible community of bringing those together who share their love for their dogs and the outdoors. This community inspires others to get out with their dogs, go hiking, go camping, just go adventure! We can't get enough, and love seeing all the dog loving, outdoor enthusiasts and where they go. Check out the Camping with Dogs shop for their great, super comfy apparel. 


Rescue Strong

I recently discovered Rescue Strong, and I'm so glad I did. It's so clear the dedicated and hard work that has gone in. We love doing anything we can to help support rescues. While Kona was not a rescue and Cali was only a re-home, seeing how just because your dog comes from a breeder doesn't mean you are guaranteed a dog with a great temperament or free from behavioural problems, so why not get a rescue, the odds aren't against you. Check out the Rescue Strong shop, there are so many super cute items, from clothes to accessories.