West Coast Heeler Pack Services


K9 Adventure hikes

Hikes $25 (tax included).

All breeds welcome! Dogs must have recall. Pick up, drop off and text to notify you included. Hikes are roughly 1.5-2 hours long. Photos and/or videos are taken on all hikes. Water is always on hand and provided to the dogs. A first aid kit is packed with me. Each hike has a maximum of 6 dogs.

West Coast Heeler Pack truck is equipped with two Champion Canine Truck Restraints. Your dog is "seat belted" in with this system that connects to a harness so their commute with me remains comfortable and safe. Your dogs are able to sit, stand and lay down comfortably. Ruffwear Web Master Harnesses are supplied and have Heeler Pack tags with my phone number, as well as, bear bells.   


Licensed and Insured

Pet First Aid

Certified Trick Dog Instructor



·      Pet First Aid

·      Certified Trick Dog Instructor

·      Obedience