Therm-A-Rest Slacker Double Hammock

Product: Therm-A-Rest Slacker Double Hammock

Price: $94.95US

Function/Purpose: Hanging around in the outdoors

Fit: Big enough to fit two people and/or your two dogs. 166in length. 74in width. 1lb7oz weight

Quality: 100% Polyester Ripstop

Features: 400lb capactiy

Likes: I like how large this hammock is for fitting two people and two dogs. It's been so sturdy. With all the times the dogs have been in this hammock and it has not ripped yet! The instructions for set up were easy to follow and understand. 

Dislikes: The only thing I don't like is that the straps are sold separately. I would have like at least one option where the straps would be included. 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Arc’teryx Gamma LT Pant

Product: Arc’teryx Gamma LT Pant   

Price: $200.00CAD

Function/Purpose: Breathable softshell pants for outdoor use

Fit: Slim fitting pant. 

Quality: Stretch, soft shell made from Nylon and Elastane

Features: Lightweight, breathable, stretch pant. Two standard pockets, plus two lower leg pockets. Draw cord around the bottom for adjustment on pant length.

Likes: I like how flattering these pants fit. They are not advertised as waterproof by any means, however, I wear them when it's raining out and they have kept me dry. Gamma pants are super easy to clean, with no finicky washing instructions. 

Dislikes: What I don't like about these pants it that the main zip pockets are mesh, which will be great for some people, but for me, make things messy when I carry treats in my pockets. This hasn't been enough of a dislike for me for these pants to not be my go-to pant, especially that they aren't dog training pants.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Arc’teryx Beta SL Jacket

Product: Arc’teryx Beta SL Jacket

Price: $370.00CAD

Function/Purpose: Light Compressible GORE-TEX jacket

Fit: Slim fitting, longer length than the Alpha SL

Quality: Gore-Tex jacket with Paclite

Features: Packable into hood. Adjustable storm hood. Two zippered pockets.

Likes: This jacket has held up well against the rain. I dog hike frequently with this jacket and it's been strong against all the mess and fun of working with dogs including those nails. 

Dislikes: I would have hoped for this jacket to hold up a bit better against rain. It does a good enough job, but again given the price point and being Gore-Tex I would expect a little better rain protection. 

Rating: 4 out of 5

Arc’teryx Alpha SL Jacket

Product: Arc’teryx Alpha SL Jacket

Price: $370.00CAD

Function/Purpose: Superlight, packable GORE-TEX alpine climbing jacket

Fit: Slim fitting, shorter in the front, longer in the back

Quality: High quality GORE-TEX jacket with sealed zippers

Features: Helmet compatible hood with draw cord for adjusting. Single vertical chest pocket. Pouch for packing jacket into.

Likes: This jacket has a great fit that is very flattering. Single chest pocket makes it really easy to access when you have a backpack on. 

Dislikes: Given how lightweight the materials used for this compact jacket, I found it doesn't hold up as well compared to other Arcteryx hardshells for waterproof performance. This is a dislike for me because given Gore-Tex is used and for the price I would have hoped it would have stood up against rain a little better. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Therm-A-Rest Z Lite Sol

Product: Therm-A-Rest Z Lite Sol

Price: $49.95US

Function/Purpose: Fast and Light. Compact Closed Cell sleep pad for camping

Fit: Regular, 72in length. 20in width. 410 grams. Packs down to 20x5x5.5

Quality: Closed cell mattress, durable and puncture resistant from those dog nails.

Features: Compact accordion style. Has reflective ThermaCapture keeping you warmer on those cold nights.

Likes: I've been using the Z Lite Sol for over a year now. I like that it's no fuss, no need to pump it up, or try and stuff it back into a sack. Given how light weight it is makes it great for backpacking, just attaching to the outside of my pack. The other great thing about it is the dogs nails can't puncture it. It's a really easy, grab and go sleeping pad. 

Dislikes: While I like there is no stuff sack, I would prefer one only to keep it dry that it's carried on the outside of my pack. It rains a lot where I live, so it would be nice if it came with one. I have been looking into dry sacks that the Z Lite can fit into, I just have yet to try one out. For what this is, it's great, and I can't complain too much. 

Rating: 4 out of 5

Arc’teryx Acrux FL GTX Approach Shoe

Product: Arc’teryx Acrux FL GTX Approach Shoe

Price: $260.00CAD

Function/Purpose: Technical hiking shoe

Fit: Adaptive fit, narrow

Quality: Excellent, sturdy quality

Features: Adaptive fit GORE-TEX liner

Likes: I am constantly wearing either these or the Bora Mid boots. I find these best for Summer and shoulder seasons to summer just because they are a shoe so less coverage from wet weather that a boot can provide. These are a bit heavier than your average hiking shoe, but I never found this to be an issue or inconvenience. I have narrow feet, and these shoes are narrow. If you don’t go in water over the rim of the shoes they are 100% waterproof. With the Adaptive Fit GORE-TEX you don’t have to break them in.

Dislikes: Only thing I would change about this shoe is for it to be lighter weight.

Rating: 5 out 5

Arc’teryx Bora Mid GTX Hiking Boot

Product: Arc’teryx Bora Mid GTX Hiking Boot

Price: $320.00CAD

Function/Purpose: Technical GORE-TEX hiking boot

Fit: Hugging fit for a narrower foot. Hits above the ankle

Quality: Excellent, sturdy quality

Features: GORE-TEX waterproof

Likes: I can’t say enough great things about these boots. I have narrow feet, so it was a struggle finding a hiking boot to properly fit my feet. These boots fit like a glove. Best part is they are made for adaptive fit meaning you don’t have to break them in. One thing that has always bugged me about other hiking boots is many say waterproof, but none of them have been. Maybe waterproof if you are hiking in the rain, but if you slip into a river while doing a log crossing, they are not waterproof. These truly are. I mentioned the river crossing because we have several them on the island and when it’s raining and the logs are slippery you are bound to fall in. With these boots, it’s happened because I miss-stepped and was in over the boot and even then, no water came in and I was dry. That alone speaks volumes for these boots.

Dislikes: Only dislike about these boots is the lower buckle is in a spot that hits right at a nerve on my ankle which caused discomfort, but all I did to fix this was bought a sponge and placed it between the two layers of the boot and have never had to worry about it.

Rating: 5 out of 5