West Coast Heeler Pack Services

K9 Adventure Hikes - Sooke, BC

·      Hikes $25 (tax included).



·      Contact for prices and availability. A couple options available depending on the needs of your dog. 


Trick Training

·      Group and private classes available.

·      Contact for prices and availability.



·      Pet First Aid

·      Certified Trick Dog Instructor

·      Obedience Trainer


For more information and setting up a meet and greet, please contact me.

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Amazing service and super devoted to making sure the Dogs of Sooke are hiked throughout Sooke’s beautiful mountains. Along with professional photography this company does it ALL!

— Nomination

Alicia provides everything you would want in a dog hiking service. She is credentialed in dog training, knows pet first aid and truly cares for every dog as if they are her own. Alicia provides a safe and fun way for a dog to develop and maintain good socialization skills while providing an excellent and physical and mental outlet for their energy. I have complete confidence in Alicia and her ability to competently handle any situation.

— Nomination

I nominate Alicia Erskine from West Coast Heeler Pack because of her amazing customer service and dedication to all members of her pack hikes. She’s knowledgeable and treats every dog as if they were her own. She goes above and beyond for all her clients and any dog would be lucky to join her on her pack hikes!

— Nomination

Outstanding individual who started this on her own and made a life change to start a profession that she loves and enjoys. She works hard every single day rain or shine and goes above and beyond to meet the satisfaction of not only the dogs she works with, but her clients and other businesses. She is very educated in this field, is a superb trainer that understands how to handle each situation and continues to challenge herself to make sure everyone comes out happy. She deserves this nomination because she is so passionate and works so hard.

— Nomination

They are a local business which also has a much-expanded presence outside of Sooke so they are able to do both things and do them well with a high level of customer service.

— Julie Lawlor

They are interdisciplinary with the reference to photography and use of social media sets them apart from just quality customer service.

— Patrick N. Marshall

A high level of personal professionalism which is a why I think it has been so successful.

— Dr. Brian White

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