Adventure Dogs Get Nicked Up

Being out on the trails every day it's bound to happen that your dog get the occasional cut and scrape. It happens to Kona and Cali from time to time. 

A couple months back I noticed Kona had a decent cut on the "knee" of her back leg. I cleaned it with gentle soap and water. Carefully I pat dried it with a clean towel. Once dry, I applied Loyal Canine First Aid Ointment to the cut. Within days the cut quickly healed.

Here are some photos over three days of Kona's cut. 

This isn't the first time I have used this First Aid Oinment and have been pleasantly surprised with its fast action healing process. 

Look at our Review page where you can see when Cali got a nick by her eye.

I carry this is my first aid kit. I've even used it on myself when I've got scratches. What I like most about this product is the natural ingredients. There is no harsh smells. No stinging. It's also not greasy.