What We Take On Every Hike

Whether we go on an hour hike or a day hike, there are a few items we always carry. 

Items we have used the most are of course the water and food. From the first aid kit we mostly have used the the Loyal Canine Co No1 Pawmade and First Aid Healing Ointment. Since using the Loyal Canine Co No1 Pawmade Kona and Cali's pads have not torn, which in the past has happened once or twice after the first bike ride of the year. This year this did not happen as we had been using the Pawmade. Every now and again Cali gets some scrapes from her ventures in the woods. Most recently she received a cut near her eye. After cleaning it, I applied the Loyal Canine Co First Aid Healing Ointment and after 24 hours it looked dramatically better. We used to use our tick remover often, but for months now we have been using Pawsitive Scents tick repellent and since using it, have not had any ticks on the dogs.