My name is Alicia. I live with my partner, Colten and our two Cattle Dogs, Kona and Cali. We live on the beautiful West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. After working 8 years for one of our municipalities, and being in a pedestrian car accident, it was time to close the door on one part of my life and open a new one. In June 2016, I started West Coast Heeler Pack K9 Adventures, taking dogs on hikes while their owners are at work. In addition, we train in tricks, agility, and disc, as well as, review a wide range of products for both the dogs and humans.

Throughout this site you will find trail reports, and my own personal take on dog behaviour and health. Our social media accounts show off Kona and Cali's talents. Aside from being full-time models constantly on the trails, they are both Master Log Jumpers, Champion Stick Chewers and Casual Wave Riders. 

Kona is my blue heeler, she is 5 years old. She has a strong personality, is sensitive and very moody. For three years we trained in agility. She does not compete as she suffers from stage freight...seriously. Kona has accomplished Tricks - Expert Level.

Cali is my red heeler, she is 4 years old. I describe her as a free spirit, a very happy pup but working through some insecurities. We trained for about 9 months in agility, took a break and are now back at it and competing. Cali has also accomplished Tricks - Expert Level. 

Both have trained in foundation disc. 

In their spare time they enjoy chasing a good ball and driving each other crazy. 

West Coast Heeler Pack was nominated for a Business Excellence Award. Over the weekend the Business Excellence Awards Banquet & Auction was held. To my surprise I was informed that West Coast Heeler Pack had won one of the categories. I would like to thank everyone involved and all those who have supported me. It hasn’t even been a year since I left my municipal job to follow a path that would make me happy and starting West Coast Heeler Pack. Every day I am reminded I made the right decision when I see the joy in the dogs I work with. Receiving this award is just the icing on the cake. It was an honour to be nominated and an even greater honour to win. Sooke has so many incredible businesses that I am so grateful to be alongside of. Thank you again to everyone!